Hello world it’s me…roller coaster and all….

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Hello world its Me, and I’m really kinda nervous about this whole thing.  It’s been on my heart to try to create something that includes a lot different things, including food, God, bright moments, community, and so on.  Not sure how that is all going to look like yet, but I’ve the heard the journey of a 1000 miles always starts with just one step.  So here it is…my one step.  Be gentle with me.

This week has been full of ups and downs. You know kind of like that roller coaster you’d rather not be on.  Conflicts, messes, and trying to find that ‘peace that passes all understanding’.  Yeah one of those weeks, the kind that find you crying for no reason other than the bathroom is out of toilet paper again.  I’m sounding a bit like a fruitcake but really its been a bit of a tough row to hoe with the hubby working only intermittently, big expenses, and 3 teenagers who I swear are trying to eat me out of house and home.

I said all that to share that in the middle of the current chaos that is my life I am still able to somehow hear ‘that still small voice’ that belongs to God and that He does see me ( of all people…and you) and is ready and willing to send things across my path just to make me smile or to make my day.  This week’s ‘smooch’ from God came this past Friday when I stood on my scale and found that I had lost just under 4 pounds in one week!!  This doesn’t happen for me. I actually had to stand on the scale 3 times! just to make sure my bleary eyes were reading the numbers correctly!  I’ve been hitting my eating plan hard for the past month and had only ever lost a half a pound a week, which was getting really discouraging, let me tell you.  So while this week’s numbers astound me…I’m not going to argue with them.

I honestly believe that God saw everything and just wanted to see me smile, and be able to carry on with what I was doing so He arranged for this little (okay…BIG) surprise just so I would be aware that He knows, He cares, and He’s got my back.  How cool is that?!


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