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We almost got a “new to me” car and she was a beaut!  A 2001 Expedition and we could pay for it in full (a happenstance that was truly exciting)!  She was immaculate to look at…a real ‘purdy’ SUV.  She had, according to the dealer, gone through 2 safety inspections…what could possibly go wrong?!

As it turns out plenty…sigh.  We ended up taking it to our mechanic for a safety inspection and he found plenty that should’ve been caught prior to the deal.  We ended up taking it back and thankfully got ALL our money back.  This Mama was sooooo not happy, and I’m still feeling the sting of that one several days later (I know, I know….not good).  The great thing out of all of this is that we did get every prenny back including the non-refundable fees from the car insurance and the towing fees to bring the vehicle to our mechanic.  Yay us!

After all the rigamaroll of the vehicle fiasco, I am so ready for this upcoming long weekend.  I am packing  up my family and we are definitely heading out of town for a wee bit of camping.  We are heading to the Cariboo and camping in our own little slice of heaven of earth, Green Lake.  This lake never fails to sooth over any rough spots that I may have.  The property is God blessed and so very lovely.  This week’s smooch from heaven will be this very trip. The icing on the cake will be seeing copious amounts of family, most of which I only get to see a few times a year.  Going to soak it all up and try to rest under the shadow of the Almighty’s wings this weekend.  I’ll take you with me in thought and prayer…after all you’re family too. 


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