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a 3 stranded cord

HE’S HOME!!! Color me a wee bit excited…my hubby is home. In a way I feel little like the small dog in a Kibbles ‘N bits commercial. All wiggly and hyper. He’s only been gone for 10 days, but in some ways it felt like longer. I got home from work yesterday and there he […]

I know you’re with me

 My morning started like they have for the past little while – with my alarm going off at 515, and a gentle voice in the back of my mind whispering, “Come on Chele, Wake Up”. “NO, You can’t make me”, is my petulant answer…without fail.  Today awas particularly bad as I hadn’t slept well due to […]

on villages, health, and doing life

We had a big weekend, and along with it came some big stuff. Between work, the house, driving a teen to and from their job, prepping dessert for 20, the groundbreaking celebration at church, and home group, throw in a family crisis or two and you have my weekend in a nutshell. With my husband […]

Spicy Green Beans

I found this recipe on It’s called PF Chang’s Spicy Green Beans and it is one of my hubby’s fave dishes.  He loves his spice (aka heat) and his veg and this dish combines them both beautifully. I started looking for a recipe to make these when it was what he was frequently ordering […]

It’s as it should be…

I was at my daughter’s grade 7 farewell evening last night and got to talking with people. Okay, maybe there was a little moaning and groaning involved, after all it’s not everyday that one sees their baby move onto high school (yes, we’re still there apparently). I watched as she was part of a 3 […]

a new season

Today is that last day of school for my kids. Until September that is (evil chuckle). Today also marks a new season for the Henter household; I will officially have all 3 of my kiddos in high school. Wow. I sit here a wee bit stunned at that. They’ll be in grades 8, 10, & […]


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