a new season

Today is that last day of school for my kids. Until September that is (evil chuckle). Today also marks a new season for the Henter household; I will officially have all 3 of my kiddos in high school. Wow. I sit here a wee bit stunned at that. They’ll be in grades 8, 10, & 12. Oh Bless.  I wonder if my heart will be able to take it.

A new season. There is a feeling of something bigger happening. A change. This month has seen quite a bit of that, and I can almost feel the anticipation in the air around it.  I feel blessed that there are people that I can walk through this with. This morning found myself reading an old post on SheLoves Magazine by Angela Doell called Confessions of a Summer Mom which was written about this time last year. A great article and I highly recommend the magazine in general, but the article served to highlight, for me, the changes that are coming.

Angela is a very new friend of mine and she is lovely inside and out. She writes weekly for SheLoves, has some great insights into raising a family. She is also in the same boat as I am…all our kids will be in high school come fall. Our children are about the same age, except that she has 2 and I have 3. Angela’s season will look different from mine, but at the same time it will be similar. Babies growing up. Seniors/Juniors in high school. Exams. Teachers. Church.  Our kids attend the same school and grew up together in church so they know each other quite well and, I think, actually like each other. To be honest our youngests have run feral together through the church hallways since they were old enough to walk.

Today marks the end of the old season, the season where our babies were still that, babies. Babies that were in elementary school, had just one teacher, and their studies were predicatable.  With one swoop and mark of a teacher’s pen, those babies have become high schoolers. Sigh. A different teacher for every subject, electives, and most of all big, big dreams.  It’s now going to be a time of nurturing those dreams, molding them, guiding them.  For us as parents its a time to learn to let go and for them a time to learn to fly, to become the adults and people that God intended for them to be to reach and impact this world.  Its a big season; yes, we’re already in it but it feels like it’s really staring me right in my face now.

Tonight we get to attend the grade 7 farewell evening at our school and watch as each student marches to the front, recieves a certificate and transitions into a high schooler. I can’t help but feel a bit of the weightiness of that.  Yes, it’s life and we all walked it. But it feels so very different when it’s your own…doesn’t it?



  1. Ahh! I hear you and I’m with you – feeling pretty tender today. I swear we were just dropping our babies off for Kindergarten and today we wave good-bye to middle school. It’s a new day – ready or not. Love your heart. Thank you for sharing.

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