I know you’re with me

 My morning started like they have for the past little while – with my alarm going off at 515, and a gentle voice in the back of my mind whispering, “Come on Chele, Wake Up”. “NO, You can’t make me”, is my petulant answer…without fail. 

Today awas particularly bad as I hadn’t slept well due to the dogs taking up most of the bed and I’m still trying to get used to not having my hubby to cuddle up to – he’s been out of town working for the past week.  BTW: He’s coming home Friday…YAY!! (excuse me while I do a little hapy dance)

Okay. Dance done. I’m back…lol!

Once I finally got my sorry behind out of bed, all the bits and pieces that had to be dealt with started flitting through my head. Things like, getting my son ready for a 10 day trip with one of his friends (did he pack enough underwear, etc), bills to be paid vs bills that can be paid, property taxes, housework, etc…you know the laundry list as well as I do.  Before long my brain is chasing its own tail – round and round it goes (where it’ll stop nobody knows).  I felt alone, overwhelmed, and I just wanted to crawl right back under the covers.

Then, out of the blue, a song , no, make that 2 songs pop into my head and they won’t leave. They ended up as a kind of a mash up in my brain.  They were recorded by Hillsong;  Aftermath by Hillsong United (2011) and That My Soul Knows Very Well by  Darlene Zschech(2008).

The phrases “I know you’re with me” and “and that my soul knows very well” kept repeating over and over again in my head…they still are.  Forging a new path, a new rhythym for my head, and my heart.  Repeating. Beating. Becoming tatooed on my heart, my soul.

I am not alone, despite having my husband in another province. “I KNOW you’re WITH me.” 

I am not alone in my dealings with my children. “I KNOW you’re WITH me”.

I am not alone in my bed at night.  “I KNOW you’re WITH me”.

With each repeat my heart grew lighter, my mind more at peace. I’m wondering now…are you feeling the same thing I did this morning? Alone? Overwhelmed?  Let these words minister to you like they did me. They are a declaration to God and music to His ears.

Sing it with me…“I KNOW You’re WITH Me”…again…“I KNOW You’re WITH Me”… allow them to forge a new path within you. Allow them to crescendo. Hear it. Feel it.

Let them permeate your mind so that the very next words you sing are “and THAT my soul knows very well”




  1. Great post Michele! I love the way God reveals himself when we are feeling all alone. xo

  2. Love how God’s voice became stronger to shush out the initial feeling of aloneness and overwhelm. Oh how we each need to hear His words and experience his presence with us, over and over again. So grateful he’s always there!

  3. I needed this.

  4. I like the rhythm in your writing … 15+ days in and it really is showing. Way to go, friend!

    • rhythm huh…thank you. not sure what that means but I’ll take it. thank you for continuing to read my ramblings.

  5. Thanks Michele, I needed this and yes “I know He is with me” ..

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