In for a penny…

A few friends of mine have joined a writers challenge based on Jeff Goins book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).  My first thought was more power to you.  Honestly I thought it was a great idea…for them.  But then the unexpected happened, one of them asked me to join them.  Me.  I’m so new to this whole blogging/writing thing that I glow green.  Me.  Really?!  So I said “maybe”, thinking I could maybe beg off gently.  Then, another joined in and asked me to join.  Okay, now I’m squirming.  This isn’t funny anymore, so I called my husband thinking that he might make a bit of a joke or something out of it and so giving me the perfect excuse not to do it. It didn’t quite work out that way.  He thought it was a brilliant idea.  REALLY?!  That’s 3 yes’s in a row.  If this were Canada’s Got Talent I’d be onto the next round.  oh boy.

You see, I don’t think of myself as a writer.  I’m the person who takes stories at face value, I don’t see any cleverly hidden juxtapositions and meanings in any written work or in life for that matter. Writing essays of any kind was a form of torture for me.  When my husband told me to go for it, I admit I was taken aback.  Again…REALLY?!  “But I don’t see myself as a writer” I told him.  “Then get a different mirror,”  was his response. Well….okay.  So I notified my friend and registered for the challenge…in for a penny, and all that….

Not sure how this is going to look or how it will play out. Will I run out of things to say? Will I even have something to say?

So this is my initial post on this challenge to declare, quietly in trepidation, that I Am A Writer.  This is my journey of trying to look into a different mirror, to see and to develop something that I don’t necessarily see but that others may have seen in me.


  1. Catherine Hanover says:

    Shawn, I agree. Get a different mirror, Michele. You ARE a writer!

    • Really? I still don’t feel it, but will continue on…who knows, maybe I’ll catch the vision somewhere along the way.

  2. This–*this*–makes me so very very happy.
    You are writing!
    And I love your conversation with Shawn: “But I don’t see myself as a writer.” And his response: “Then get a different mirror.” Brilliant.
    Did I mention the very big smile all over my heart right now?
    This is so great.

    • thank you…this means a lot coming from “The Writer” in my circle of friends. still feeling well out of my depth but am treading water.

  3. I love that you are on board Missy. You have a great written voice and I can’t wait to see how that unfolds over the next few weeks. Thank you for being brave. xo

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