Spicy Green Beans

I found this recipe on Food.com. It’s called PF Chang’s Spicy Green Beans and it is one of my hubby’s fave dishes.  He loves his spice (aka heat) and his veg and this dish combines them both beautifully.

I started looking for a recipe to make these when it was what he was frequently ordering at a local restaurant, and I had to wonder “how hard could this be to make?”  As it turns our not very hard at all.  One ‘batch’ will make plenty for two to eat with possibly some left over.  Beware, though, that they are spicy and if that’s not your thing you may have to decrease the amount of chili flakes used.  I have been known to add whole red chilies or habaneros to it if he wanted  even more heat than usual.

What you’ll need are:  fresh green beans (1 lb), ginger(2 tbs grated), garlic(2 tbs thinly sliced), cooking oil (2 tbs), water (1/4 cup), rice vinegar (1 tbs), soy sauce (2 tbs), sugar (2 tsp) and chili flakes (2 tbs).  You’ll have to combine the last 4 ingredients in a small bowl and let them marinate together while you cook your beans.  This mixture will be added at the end.

  I love using these little bowls to get my self organized when I’m trying a new recipe.  This way I can do all the measuring ahead of time and I don’t have to worry about timing, or trying to find that elusive measuring spoon, or even trying to measure and grate while keeping an eye on things in the pan.  The ginger I used came from a jar and it worked fabulously, so easy.  You can get these kinds of bowls at any kitchen store.

Once you have your ingredients all sorted out you can start with the cooking and assembly.  I won’t bore you with the details as you can access the recipe at the link above; but basically you start out partially cooking your beans in your wok or pan, then removing them and setting them aside.  Then you start sweating the ginger and garlic, which means throwing it into a hot pan and heat through until they are aromatic.  Throw your beans back in and add the rest of the ingredients and continue to cook until the beans are glazed.

If you find the recipe as it stands too hot for you play with the amount of chili flakes, ginger and garlic as they all contribute to the heat.  I made these for friends once and one thought it was too salty…if that is the case I would recommend using a low sodium soy sauce.

Try them. Enjoy the heat.  Let me know what you think.





  1. Oooh! FUN. 🙂

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