life-lines and roasted marshmallows

I had to think long and hard about what my next post would be about.  I was challenged by a post by Sarah Bessey in which she asked the question “What is saving you right now?” 

What is saving me right now??  The question lodged in my brain and I really had to think about it.  I had read some of the posts in her synchroblog and they varied from the mundane everyday minutiae of life to the profound and yet I still found I had to really think about it.

In this time of fighting off a funk what do I cling to? who do I turn to? Who or what do I depend on to get me through?

My answers came slowly. For the most part, I am one who takes things as they come.  I don’t think too deep, I read books that spell out the story in plain english, no allegory or hidden meaning for this chick.

My answers are varied.  They range from the icey coolness of a venti iced latte accompanied by a raspberry thumbprint scone, to watching my potatoes grow, to watching my teens have a water fight with the garden hose and their dad on the front lawn, to the friend who pushed a few dollars in my hand when she found out we were struggling.

Most of all though, that dad, that husband, that best friend is, aside from God, my biggest and strongest life-line.  Over 20 years ago he came into my life and has been my biggest cheerleader through life’s ups and downs.

He is the one I prayed for as a teenager. The one that I asked God for with the simplest of prayers. “God, please watch over him, keep him safe, and make him strong where I am weak”.

He kisses me every morning before heading to work, despite the hour, and it is a like a benediction to my day.  I don’t always wake up for it, and I miss it if I don’t at least register it in some way.  His love wraps around me, keeps me safe.  Not a day goes by when I don’t recieve a text, phone call or facebook post that tells me of his love.  “I get to love you forever and always”.

He sees me in ways that I wish I could see.  I think he could’ve done a better job of writing the love letter to my body than I did.  I am thankful for and amazed by his never changing love of this shell of mine and after all this time together it sill makes me blush.

When I took on a year long correspondence course to upgrade myself for work, he cheered me on.  When I wanted to take Faithworks bible college, he gladly paid for and supported me through the 2 years it took to finish. He has been the staunchest believer in me, even when I felt like giving up.

To some he may seem intimidating, gruff; but to me he will always be a big teddy bear.  He is my “toasted marshmallow”…a bit hard and crunchy on the outside, but with a soft, melty inside. He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me. 

My life-line.

My best friend.

My husband.


  1. Tina/ @teebug says:

    Oh Cheley!

    You are making me get excited about marriage!


  2. Love this Michele! I have to say, you and Sean are two of some of my favourite people in our church. I love that you really really love each other “after all these years”. Not just in a typical way but you guys still ACT so in love! It truly shows that you two are actually best friends. Love it.

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