my misadventure

Saturday’s synchroblog was incredibly hard to write as I was in the middle of a misadventure that made me feel all kinds stupid.

It all started one week ago today.  I was up around 7 am puttering around in my kitchen, trying to figure out what to take to work for lunch.  I had decided on a salad with feta cheese in it.  So good with a balsamic dressing.  I pulled out the tub of cheese and read the date on it to make sure it was still good.  It looked, to my sleepy eyes like it had gone past due, so I decide that I’ll just bin it and choose a different protein. 

My kitchen sink was full (a common enough occurrence, unfortunately), so off I toddle to the bathroom to drain the container into the toilet. You know where this is going now, right?  I didn’t have a good grasp of the concept of drain, and the whole tub upended in the toilet.  Sigh.  There was no way I was going to stick my hand in there to retrieve a 2 inch block of cheese, which had sunk to the bottom of the bowl, and possibly beyond (who could tell with all that murky grey water), so I decide to flush.  Yes, flush.  It was a small piece, it should just go right on through. Right?!

WRONG! So very, very wong.

I receive a paniced phone call from my oldest daughter later on that day. “Mom, the toilet’s really plugged and I don’t know what to do!” UH. OH.  “Um…is your Dad home?” I ask hoping that maybe He could plunge it away and nobody would be the wiser.  No such luck. UH. OH. “OK then, just keep on plunging and see if it clears”.  Bad advice, as I found out.  Very bad advice.  When, Shawn, my hubby finally gets in there, he finds out that the toilet is now pressurized and water went EVRYWHERE. 

By now Shawn is furious and is convinced that the teenage girls in our home had flushed a pad or something down there.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that neither of them use those.  I listened to him for a bit and felt increasingly bad about him thinking it was the kids so I ended up confessing that I had flushed a chunk of feta down this morning. 

“Why would you do that?!” He is incredulous. Dumbstruck. And more than a little ticked.  I feel small, and stupid.

We tried just about everything to clear the toilet without having  to take it off of its mount. No such luck. It’s been a long hot day and now my poor hubby is wrestling with the toilet.  He is soooo not impressed with me or the whole situation and I didn’t blame him in the least.  Colorful metaphors occasionally ring out from the bathroom, so the kids and I scatter.  To make matters worse, the base of toilet breaks while he is trying to get it off of its mount. 

Shawn finally emerges from the bathroom, hot, sweaty, and bothered (and not in a good way) yet somewhat victorious.  We now have to try to find the money for a new toilet.  Money we don’t have.  Not good. Especially when we go online and find out that they cost $200 or more.  Yikes!! 

Shawn crawls into bed, gets confortable and dozes off.  I on the other hand am fuming mad at myself; calling myself all sorts of names, some of which I hadn’t used or heard of since high school, railing at my apparent stupidity.  I didn’t get to sleep for quite some time.  I sat in bed stewing and trying to read on my kindle/iPad. A few hours later, Shawn asked me what was wrong, I told him, “I feel like a tool”. “There’s no need,” he said, “just learn from it and don’t do it again.”  Yeah. About that.

Thankfully, my intrepid bargain hunter husband, found us a toilet for under $100!  It took about a week for him to find the time to install it, but he did that as well.  He. Is. Amazing. (jus’sayin)

So now I have a lovely new dual modality toilet…and I will never, ever, ever, flush anything down the toilet again. Promise.

Oh, and the synchroblog; it was a vehicle for me to start to feel better about the whole situation.  I mean, how can you stay mad at someone when you’re writing a love note to them.  It’s next to impossible.

So my friends, what kinds of misadventures have you had lately?

Were you there for the synchroblog? If not, you can find the impetous behind it and many, many links to other love letters here.


  1. ouch! who knew an innocent-looking block of cheese could cause so much grief? you couldn’t have been prepared with its innocuous appearance. I am grateful for the men in my community that can help me with plumbing issues. Total God-sends! Also so good to hear how God used the love letter challenge at precisely the right time to encourage you to look up 🙂

    • I know, right?
      Thank you for continuing to follow post writers challenge. Am enjoying your blog as well.

  2. Aww Michy. Thank you for this. I end up in stupid situation like this one ALL this time.

    Why just day before yesterday I shut the door with my head in it!!

    Yes, you heard right. I’m living in a hotel and I have to nag my dirty laundry on the handle outside my door and every single time I tried the laundry bag would swing back into the doorway and get stuck.

    So to try and close the door, I pushed the laundry bag off to the side with my hand and pulled the heavy door shut with ALL the strength I could muster.

    Except…you guessed it. My head was still in the door way.

    So I slammed this heavy metal lined wood door onto my skull and I’m still not sure why myhead didnt explode like a walnut in a nut cracker.

    I feel to the ground and cried for about five minutes in pain. I still can;t touch my ear lobes or put on glasses. My ears and head are so tender.

    Stupid enough, for ya?

    At least you didn’t try to decapitate your head!

    Love you for sharing with such honesty. Guess what?!!! I’m coming home EARLY. Woooot!

    • OWIE! Tina, I would’ve cried too. 🙁
      Love hearing that you’ll be home sooner than expected. Makes my heart happy.

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