A BIG Week

Its been a big week in our home.  Between car problems, birthdays, and a wedding things have been busy and in some instances expensive.

We have a new person in our home on a more or less permanent basis.  My neice moved in this past weekend and we are in the process of trying to define what that is going to look like and where we’re going to put her.  The hope is that by moving in she will be able to save for college while she takes a gap year to define what she wants to pursue. It helps that her job is only a five minute walk from our home so she doesn’t have to spend a whole lot on transportation.

This past Sunday found my husband and myself almost stranded in a small town due to a cracked radiator. It was late in the day and nobody carried any JBWeld to help us seal it.  We ended up using almost two tubes of crazy glue to seal the top of the radiator where the crack was.  Then it was a case of babying the car (as much as you can on a highway through the mountains) and borrowing a car so that I could get to work the next day.  Not fun. We got home at a quarter to midnight and so ready to fall into bed.

Monday dawned and we celebrated my son who’s birthday it was.  He is now 15 and has been taller than me for several months now.  The other birthday this week is today and is my youngest’s; at 13 she is now officially a teenager and raring to get onto Facebook.    We will be going to dinner tonight to offically celebrate them. Where? Who knows…tradition states that the birthday boy/girl gets to chose, so it could be anywhere. I am never quite sure where the time went when my children’s birthday’s come around. My mother’s heart can’t quite keep up with the changes and I end up with a heart that is tender and full of even more dreams for them than I can express.

This week will culminate in a wedding in Pemberton.  One of my numerous cousins is getting married at a resort up there.  We will be gone for the weekend and staying in picturesque Whistler.  My hubby is suggesting that in our spare time that we go zip-lining.  Say what? Okay? Maybe?  Just the thought gives me butterflies, but it is something that I’ve wanted to try.  We’ll let you know how it went…if indeed we took the plunge.

With all these things happening it seems like there is little time to breathe as we approach the final weekend of summer vacation.  Come Tuesday my 3 teens will once again start school.  Grades 12, 10, & 8 respectively.  It’s shaping up to be a big year; grad and all that that entails, special school trips like river rafting and sailing masted ships, band trips, college planning…it promises to be HUGE. 

I’m going to have to really purpose to take time to process this year. Time to breathe. Time to take those moments and press them into my memory like dried flowers in a book.  They are growing up so fast and soon enough adults in their own right. 

A new season is about to start.



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