on Keno, Lights, & Talent

Last night I went out for dinner with my Dad.  A rare happening, but always welcome.  We ended up at a local pub called Jack’s Public House.  Dad was salivating over their clubhouse sandwich before we even got there.  It was my first time there, and we were welcomed warmly and told to sit wherever we wanted the moment we walked in the door.

The food was great.  I ended up ordering a butter chicken flatbread that had me at the first bite.  So very good.  I paired it with a Guinness shandy.  I don’t drink very often and I really have to be in the mood for a beer of any kind, but if I do it is invariably a Guinness cut with some ginger ale. Yum.

During dinner, Dad was showing me the finer points of playing Keno, one of his guilty pleasures, and at a dollar a play he’s not out by much by the time dinner is over, maybe 5 – 10 dollars.  He has won, on occasion, and I guess that’s what keeps him playing.

This morning I woke up and thought about our little pub dinner and Keno.  Playing Keno, means you’ve anted up and invested something in order to play and possibly win.  That brought my thoughts around to the parable of the talents in the Bible.  Three guys get given money to do with as they pleased until their master returned from a trip. When he does return, they had to give an accounting of what they did with their funds. 2 of them managed to double their money and the third did nothing with it, but hide it until his master returned.

We are like those three guys, and I think sometimes we can identify with the third man more than with the other two, at least I can.  The first two put themselves out there. Really out there. Did big fantastic things. The remaining guy let fear, let the ‘what ifs’, and the small amount he was given, to stop him in his tracks, and he did nothing.

Everyone has a gift for something, be it artsy (like home decor, painting, media), administration, sales…something.  God gave us those gifts, and He expects us to use them. Let me say that again, He EXPECTS us to USE them.  They are for our benefit, but also for His.  They are to point to His awesomeness, His love, His generosity.  They are there to help us shine His light in this world.

But Chele, I don’t have any special talents, you say.  Yes, You Do. Really. Oh maybe not compared to the apparently ubber gifted people that you’re comparing yourself to right now, but you have a gift hiding inside of you. A knack for something that seems a part of you and therefore feels so inconsequential.  Yeah. that one. That one is one of your gifts. Yes. One of.  There are more.  I promise. 

Now that you’ve identified it, what are you going to do with it?  Who are you going to bless with it? Your family? Your church? Your neighbor? Go on. Think about it. How are you using right now, or are you? Are you hiding it away, thinking that its too small, too trivial?  In our weekness, God is made manifest…it says so in the Bible.  So use it. Make His name known through it.

As I write this, a song I learned in Sunday school popped into my head.  Do you know it?

Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light,
Like a little candle burning in the night;
In this world of darkness, we must shine,
You in your small corner, and I in mine.
Jesus bids us shine, first of all for Him;
Well He sees and knows it if our light is dim;
He looks down from heaven, sees us shine,
You in your small corner, and I in mine.
Jesus bids us shine, then, for all around,
Many kinds of darkness in this world abound:
Sin, and want, and sorrow—we must shine,
You in your small corner, and I in mine.

So, shine dear ones.  Shine with your talent, your gift, your knack; whatever you want to call it.  Bring light to this world.  Make God manifest in ALL that you do.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised where it and He will take you.




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