And we’re off….sorta

Today marks the first full day of school for my brood.  I now have one in grade 12, one in grade 10 and one in grade 8; and it’s beginning to look like a big year.  Our high school senior has been bouncing out of bed at the crack of light, something that has never happened before on a school day, and I am waiting to see if this will last. Watching her excitement over her last year of high school makes me smile.  She’s ready, our girl, to try to take on the world; and I’m trying very hard not hold her back.

Our youngest is apprehensive about the whole high school thing.  “The school is so big Mom”. “You’ll do fine” seems to be my stock answer to her nerves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing her fears, I just know that once she gets into the swing of things she will be just fine, and will be taking the school by storm. It’s the newness of it all, the being, once again, the small fish in a large pond that is tripping her up a bit.

My son, is right in the middle of things. Nothing too earth shattering for him this year.  By grade 10 high school is old hat and fits like a comfy sweater. Nothing too much to grow into, or out of, just yet. His new foray for the year is to be involved with the media team for the school.  He does this for church and I think it’ll be a good practice arena for him as well as a place to possibly learn something new.

As for me?  I get to start this year with a bang up sinus cold.  So not fun.  I’m feeling a little like my get up and go just got up and went. Sigh. If I could only take my head off and replace it with a fully functioning one for a while I’d be doing a whole lot better.  Oh well, enough whinging. When I’m done here I’ll go and use the sinus rinse and see how we fair.  I know. TMI.

We are in the process of establishing a new normal, a new way of doing things. We have learn to do some more letting go, to help them find their footing in the shifting sands of growing up. When they were little, I had the thought that things would get easier as they grew up.  I was right and at the same time so very wrong. Right in the sense that they become more autonomous and can dress and feed themselves. But in another sense I was wrong. As teenagers your children will need as much, if not more, than when when they were tinies. Really. They will push and pull you in many directions; sometimes in an effort to see if you will still be their safety net and sometimes in an effort to become more them, more adult somehow. It’s during this process that as parents we have to learn to really lean on God and His direction, His wisdom.

Pray. Pray lots. It’ll anchor you and them.


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