Today I celebrate you

Today I celebrate you, my husband.  The man you were, the man you are, and the man you’re becoming.

Today I celebrate you because you have given much to keep this family going.

Today I celebrate the fearlessness that is in you; that boldness that takes on whatever God, work and family has thrown at you.

Today I celebrate you, and your generous spirit.

Today I celebrate you and you commitment to God, His house, and the people in it and the people yet to enter it.

Today I celebrate you and your willingness to stand firm on what you believe to be true and right.

Today I celebrate you, the you who is running forward into uncharted territories with fear and trembling, yet with strength and with God at your side.

Today I celebrate you, the you who has remained faithful to me and our children, despite what others around you are doing…we see and cherish it more than you’ll ever know.

Today I celebrate you, the father. The father who didn’t shy away from hugging daughters who were growing up far too fast, the father who got up in the wee hours of the morning to take our son on the adventure of a midnight release of a much awaited game. The father who is unashamed of weeping in front of his children and who never withholds his affections and “I love you’s”.

Today I celebrate you.

Happy birthday my love.


photos curtesy of Tina Francis Photography

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