Whirlwinds, a wedding & garlic toast

Shawn & I returned yesterday from a whirlwind weekend up in the Whistler/Pemberton area. The trip up and down had scenery that left us slack-jawed on wonder. Howe sound, The Chief, and the splendor that is Whistler left us breathless. If you follow us on Facebook I’ll be posting a few pictures there. We went up on a Friday afternoon and came home Sunday afternoon.

The purpose of the trip was to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. It was to be a joining of two single parents into one unit. My aunt, the groom’s mom, performed the ceremony. I think that to be able to have the option to have one of your parents perform the marriage ceremony must be one of the most memorable and significant things, other than the “I do”, to have at your wedding. It’s like a double blessing for both parties.

The wedding took place on a river bank behind Green Waters Resort. A more scenic backdrop I have yet to see. You couldn’t take a bad picture if you tried. Seriously. The sons of the bride & groom were the ring bearers and were so handsome in their tuxedos…as only those under the age of 10 can be. The lads were also included in the sand pouring ceremony, which I thought was absolutely fantastic, after all it was their wedding too.

Due to the location and it’s relation to where we were staying we didn’t stay overly long at the party afterward. The roads are quite twisty turney, so we thought it prudent to leave before we got too tired to travel the roads safely.

We had thought to take in various and sundry sites while we were up there. Zip trekking was an option as was the Peak to Peak gondola ride. We ended up going on the Peak to Peak and had a great time chatting and spending some time with my sister and her hubby who accompanied us.

Our final morning in Whistler we hosted my parents and both my sisters along with their spouses for breakfast in our hotel suite. They were also staying in the village, just at a different hotel. As there was only room for 4 at the table we ended up eating in two shifts but it worked out great. Eggs, toast, yogurt, coffee, jam & almond butter; a simple yet hearty repast for everyone.

That night I went looking for something simple that I could make that would soothe the beast known as hunger. What I found was a garlic bread from Costco that is devine all on its own. It’s made with focaccia bread, is covered on the requisite garlic butter but it also had chunks of roasted garlic sitting atop the butter. Sooooo good. I thought, that I would have to ‘beef’ it up a little so we grated some sharp cheddar over the top and then baked it. One word, my friends, GORGEOUS! Oh my word, it was so tasty! Just what I wanted, bread, cheese, and copious amounts of garlic…I was a happy girl.

So my friends, that was our long weekend. What did you do? Did you go away or did you stay close to home? Any adventures or did you keep it low key?

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