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Woke up this morning around 3:30 am after a fitful 4 hour sleep.  So not computing on all levels today.  I am sitting at my desk, staring blearily at my computer, trying to make sense of patient charting, and wondering where I’m going to find at least two brain cells to rub together so that I can at least get something accomplished at work and sound reasonably intelligent while doing it. Pray for me.

I got to thinking about what’s going on in my life right now and truth be told, there’s not a whole lot that’s exciting.  We’re right in the middle of life with a house full of teenagers and all that that entails – the drama, the fits, the crawling on my bed to chat while I’m trying read, the talks that always seem to start with, “mom….you got a minute?”  There are days I really want to run and hide for while, and then I remember that this season, is just that, a season and it will be over before I’m ready for it to be. So I continue to play referree, coach, and counsellor and hope that it is enough.

Today the back ground noise to all of this  has been a few songs and if I could find a way to stir them all together and make a song all my own I would. I just not talented in that way…perhaps one of you are, but as for me they just play in some sort of loop in my mind.

One of these songs is by the Rhett Walker Band and is called, When Mercy Found Me (lyrics can be found here). It’s a current favorite of mine. “All those days, all those doubts; They don’t seem to matter now; His Grace is all I need…In one moment everything changed, Who I was got washed away, When Mercy found me….” 

I was listening to this song yesterday on the radio and it was followed by so many commercials that I did what any self respecting driver does, and switched stations.  What came on next was a song by Ne-Yo called Let Me Love You and it wasn’t the song per se that caught my attention but the words of the chorus.  You know how sometimes its only a part of a song that catches you and rest kinda fades away? That’s what happened here.  Now we all know that this song isn’t about any spiritual love but get a load of the chorus…”Girl, let me love you, And I will love you, Until you learn to love yourself Girl, let me love you, I know your trouble Don’t be afraid, Girl, let me help….” Sounds a bit like God’s heart right there doesn’t it? Just a little?

The final tune that’s been ringing in my head is one by Hillsong United called I Surrender. It’s a new song that was introduced at church this past weekend.  LUV IT! Jus sayin’.

“Like a mighty storm
Stir within my soul
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in meLike a rushing wind
Jesus breathe within
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me

I surrender…”
Help me to surrender all I am, and all I hold dear to you. Help me fall into your arms and allow you to love me unconditionally, until I can learn to love myself and by extension, those around me. I thank you for your mercies, which are true and new every morning. Help me to extend those same mercies to my family, my friends, my co-workers, and anyone else you bring across my path.
And if at all possible, please wake me up enough to be able to do justice to this new day that you have bestowed upon me.




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