The Table of Thanksgiving

I am beyond excited to introduce you to Idelette. She is South African by birth; Global by choice. She is a dear friend who is the founding editor at SheLoves Magazine. She is Mother. She is Activist. She is Frentor (Friend/Mentor). She is one of those people that could write a grocery list & make it sound interesting; I am seriously in awe of her talent with the written word. She is so very lovely and I count it an honor to call her friend. Please join me in welcoming her to our Thanksgiving table today.

By: Idelette McVicker

Today I enter the Table of Thanksgiving with


thankful, humble, mindful of the

ones who have sacrificed land and stories

to a greed that seats me at

this table.

Today I enter the Table of Thanksgiving with

A longing

For more feast

for the hungry

And less hunger

for the needy

And less wanting

for the privileged

Today I enter the table of Thanksgiving


That I am those–

the privileged—

who have a seat at the table

Where I get to feast and commune

While others are scattered to a Wind …

Today I enter the Table of Thanksgiving with

A prayer

For those who walk for water

And long to draw from a deep well

For those who eat from lean

And have learned to be content with less than.

Today I enter the Table of Thanksgiving

Like communion

A holy meal prepared by one who

Broke body

And poured out blood,

So I may enter

this very Table of Thanksgiving

to eat and drink and remember

What and who have gone before me.

What has been spilled.

What cost, what privilege, what bittersweet joy

To enter at this table and feast.

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