A new resolution

I’m getting on the exercise resolution band wagon a little early this season. Usually people start talking about this sort of thing in January, but why wait til then?

For the past week my hubby has been home due to Thanksgiving south of the border. This is because the lead cast on the show he’s working on are American and flew home for the holiday. The end result being the whole cast and crew also had this week off.  Hubby has been very diligent these past months to work out and eat right along with his ‘running mates’ at work. I am starting to see his body shape change (yum) and am encouraging him as much as possible to keep it up.

With them being off this week he decided to take advantage of the new recreation centre that was recently openned in our area. He has been making sounds about me joining him and this week found me getting a one month pass to the rec centre.  Oh help. This has been something that I had thought about doing but only in the most casual of ways.  Now, now I’m committed. At least for a month.

I haven’t been a slouch this past year. I’ve been trail (or track) walking with a friend, at least an hour at a time, several days a week.  It has been a great way to get out and stretch my legs and to do lots of talking and even more listening.  With the weather the way it is in this small corner of BC, we are entering the “monsoon” season and walking in the rain has never been a fave of mine. Enter thoughts of the rec centre, where its dry, and warm. 

The draw back is when you’re ‘in the zone’ there’s no talking. At least for me.  When I get into that place where serious exercise is the name of the game, I find that talking or even reading gets in the way. I can’t even watch the TV they have set up. Really.  I end up either slowing way down or I could possibly end up flying off of the treadmill and landing on my well padded behind. Embarassment would follow and then avoidance, because who knows who saw me and would they be there again? How could I face them?

Exercise log. Earth date Nov 22/12. Treadmill: 45 min. Elliptical: 10 min. Bike: 25 min. #thisoldladyissoreandtired

So for now, the gym at the rec center is going to be where I go when I can’t walk outside with my friend or if she cancels. Mind you, I suppose I could double up and go after I walk with her.  Who knows what the next 4 weeks will bring. All I know, is that after 2 days, I ache, but am determined to get my money’s worth out of that pass.

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