Delight yourself…

‘Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.’  Psalm 37:4 (NASV)

Delight yourself in the Lord. That phrase seems to be following me this past week.

During the prayer team meeting last week I received a word from a prayer warrior within my church. The short version of what was told me was that God wanted me to take delight in ‘playing’ at his feet, to lean onto/into Him and not on my own understanding. He has seen the hard work of the past days/months/years and it time to put off the burden and give it over. It shook me. My chest hurt and all I could do was sob. How do I do this? What does it look like? I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the words came strainght from God, especially when my one word for the year, “LEAN” was breathed once again into my heart, my soul, my psyche. LEAN.

Later that week, during our Saturday evening service, Psalm 37:4 was used during the service.  “Delight yourself in the Lord.” Okay that’s twice now. When it came up in our home group discussion I had to ask, “What does that mean? what does that look like? Is it the same for everyone or is it individual?” I had to know. I felt I should know it having grown up in the church, but it was eluding me. Answers varied. “Relationship with God.” “Spending time in the Word.” “Reading His Promises.” “When the overflow of your heart reflect His heart and come out in your words and actions.”

Then today, I saw this:

That’s 3! Getting the feeling that I’m being told something key; but the problem is I’m not sure how or what that looks like for me. For anyone really. Is there a one size fits all solution? Or is it all wrapped up in thanksgiving, gratitude, the finding or making of sacred moments, and from there the miracle of relationship with our Father in Heaven happens? The delight occurs?

My friends, what do you think?


  1. Well, I don’t believe there is a one size fits all…sorry…for me as I am learning from my awakening last Thursday, it is living, being present in my life, and in worship. I am taking delight in the Lord in worship and praise, exalting Him, learning about Him in my life group and out of that I am able to live and be present in my life. I hope this helps and makes sense as I am overwhelmed because when you hear God and answer His call, which for me is to awaken, I have been under attack and am extremely tired from lack of sleep. Delight

  2. You hit it right on…RELATIONSHIP!!!
    Delighting in Him, that’s BIG, and its what we so often fall short off.
    It’s more than just Praise , Thanksgiving and Worship
    Although all wonderful….. But He wants more than that .
    He wants Relationship(closeness), He desires dialogue,
    It’s listening, walking and talking with him, throughout our day,
    Its talking to Him about ALL things , And listening to His reply…
    It’s giving Him ALL our cares, and TRUSTING Him for the answer.
    It’s Rejoicing in Him, KNOWING that He is with us,
    Walking alongside us to help and strengthen us to do whatever comes our way.
    Its in those things that we look to Him, to show himself strong in our lives.
    By stretching forth His hand on our behalf
    And the list goes on,
    Ahhhh, delighting in Him,
    Even as I ‘m writing down just SOME of these thoughts,
    and DWELLING on Him…….
    makes my heart start to get happy.
    Delight….in Him!
    Watch and see what He will do!
    Peace and joy will accompany you
    For He loves you and wants you to make it!
    Have an awesome day, and see His presence.

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