Today, you, my first born turn 17. It’s a moment in time, yet felt keenly. I’ve never been the Mom of a 17-year old before. And I’m not sure I’m ready to release you just yet, though I know the time is coming, sooner than I think.

It seems that it wasn’t all that long ago that I gave birth to you and brought you home, with a pit stop at church. Yes, we were discharged and the first place we went with you was church. Your Dad had to go and receive a congratulations from the pastor as the birth was announced that day from the pulpit. So funny if I think of it now.

We remember the time that you were terrified of men. The time of you “swimming” through your art work in school. The time of tears over bullying from your “best friends”. The times of frustration over concepts that seemed so difficult. The watching as maturity would set in a little bit at a time. The nurturing and growing of your love for God and His house.

We have watched you grow these past years and I know that you are strong, and yet tender hearted. We watched and encouraged as you stepped into leadership within the Children’s Ministry at church. We celebrated you as you walked out with the worship team.

Today we celebrate you, in all your glory. We know that God has plans for you; big plans, good plans, God plans. We know that if you keep Him in the middle of ALL you do; there will be lives touched, lives impacted. We celebrate the gorgeous, caring young woman you are becoming, and though we aren’t ready to completely release you into the world, we are cheering you on and believe in you whole-heartedly.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Luv Mom & Dad


  1. Oh My Word…so beautiful…I have no words…she is so amazing…fearfully and wonderfully made…in His image…she is perfect and you are a wonderful mama. You did good!!!

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