Thankful Thursday

Here we are again…ready to take a look at our week and find those things that made us smile, that felt like a kiss from heaven. So here is my list, again in no particular order:

1. Jude  verse 2: “Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!”(MSG)  This past week has felt big, weighty even, and this verse became like a balm to my heart. Come. Relax. Lean. Delight.  

2. The misty rain that feels so very refreshing against the face. Love walking in it, though it does make it difficult to see through my glasses after a while.

3. The kiss of sunshine after a week of rain. Oh how this made my commute feel more relaxing…almost a benediction. (sigh)

4. Had long chats with some of the teens in my life, so thankful they were well received and that there were light bulb moments. Growing up shouldn’t be so hard and thankful I am to be a safe place for them to bring concerns and questions.

5. Birthdays. This is a big birthday month in our family. My Dad (70), my daughter (17) and my brother (36) all celebrate this month and we are so very thankful to have them in our lives and cherish every moment with them.

6. Quiet nights at home. Every now and again, there’s a night where I don’t have to hare off somewhere with someone (read teenager), so I relish those nights where I get to come home and just be.

7. Fun pens. Yes, pens. I have some animal print pens at my desk at work and using them brings a smile to my face, and a bit of whimsy to an otherwise routine day.

8. Learning new words. Yes, I am still learning these. Most times they are found within a patient’s chart and I am pretty sure that the doctors make up words as they go, but its fun to try and figure out if they’re real words or not.  Today’s offering…conspicuity. I looked in the dictionary, couldn’t find it. Is it a real word? Who knows?

So, my friends…what are you thankful for this week? today? what has made you smile?


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