Thankful Thursday

Fog. It was everywhere this morning. It matched my mind set this week. Most things felt shrouded, hard to see, hard to do.

The fog got me to thinking on my commute though.  It can seem so sinister, cold; yet it has it’s softer side too, its own magic.  Fog seems to have the ability to make the world seem quiet, hushed, like it’s holding its breath; much like snow does, without the snow-globe effect. It adds an other-worldliness to the landscape, doesn’t it?! Making the everyday, the ordinary, seem a little bit more, more elegant, more mysterious, more je ne sais quoi. It can be so thick, that it can make the sun seem like a slightly brighter relative to the moon, and it can be so wispy that you can actually see it twist and turn in the wind.

Fog hides, yet it also reveals, thows things into relief and makes you look at things differently.

Today on this thankful thursday, let’s see what this week’s fog has revealed; what this week’s smooches and thankful moments are:

1. Remembrance Day (Veterans day for our American friends). I love this special day that is set aside to make us slow down and remember those that went out and fought for freedoms, some of whom returned, those that didn’t, and those still fighting.

2. Time spent chatting with family. I got to spend some time just chatting with my Mom and one of my sisters, always good for some laughs, and encouragement.

3. Godly examples to follow. Remembering my beloved Mama (my Mom’s mom), and her example of counting blessings despite the circumstances; to take eyes off of self and to put them on the One who provides ALL things. She fought through PTSD & depression post WWII and I know that if she can overcome and sing His praises, so can I.

4. Corn nuts – they are getting me through this afternoon (wink)

5. Home cooked meals that bring back memories. Every Wednesday for the past month we have joined my parents for dinner, and over the course of these meals I am catching echoes of growing up at their table.

6. Friends who push and carry. Been on the receiving end of friends asking what they can pray for, asking to help carry loads.  In this season, I am so very grateful for them.

7. Hot water bottles. Hubby has been out in the rain and the cold this week and I love that I can pamper him just a little by putting a loaded hot water bottle on his side of the bed to help him warm up when he gets home in the wee hours of the morning.

8. my Kindle app.  Love reading and it is my one big escape. Now to figure out how to do that and still get the house and laundry done.

My friends, what made you smile this week despite your circumstances, despite the fog? I would love to hear from you.


  1. This has been a tough week for me, but reading your post has brought a smile to my face and reminds to praise Him in all things….also to remember that this too shall pass. Thank you.

  2. Very proud of you my love. You express yourself very well for someone who claims they are not a writer! I am thankful that I GET TO LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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