Thankful Thursday & a Christmas Project

Another week has gone by…is it me? or did it seem to go by really fast? 

It seems that the closer we get to Christmas the faster time goes. Maybe because we’re so busy spinning our wheels in an attempt to have the perfect holiday experience. It’s almost as if we feel we need the perfectly decorated house and tree, to be able to fulfill ALL of our children’s wishes on their christmas list, to be able to attend all the parties. We spend and we spend, until our bank cards are all but smoking and our credit cards groan under the weight of the balance owing.

It seems like we end up losing sight of what’s important, of the why, behind the holiday.  The birth of Jesus, Saviour of the World. He seems to get lost somehow in the business and (dare I say it?) the fussiness of the season.  He ends up getting overshadowed by Black Friday, Santa, and Baby New Year. Buried under piles of wrapping paper, and bows. The only nod to His connection to the holiday being a small creche placed on the mantel or table in the house and a few carols that for many have lost their meaning.

It’s not that these things (decor, trees, lights, presents, etc.) are, in and of themselves, bad; however they can take over if we’re not careful. We need to slow down, to take stock of what we have and see how blessed and rich we really are.

For many this holiday marks a time of greater dependancy on others for the bare necessities of life.  My home church is trying to make a dent in that need.  For several years now we have tried to support and help out those in need by adopting 4 inner city schools.  This Christmas it’ll be by putting together 1400 gift boxes for the children and up to 200 food hampers.  For more info check out the Kid’s Christmas Project, and if you’d like to help out and/or donate to the cause please do so.

In light of slowing down and appreciating what is there already, and being cognizant that the happenstances of life all have a blessing attached, here is this week’s offering of thankful moments and heaven’s smooches:

1. Steady work. Hubby was off for a week due to the American Thanksgiving. We are ALL happy that work has resumed. Money may be tight until he gets paid again, but we know that ALL our needs are met according to His riches in glory.

2. Nature’s example. I love how nature points to God – the trees, the grass, the shrubs – all pointing upwards as if show that they know who WILL take care of them regardless of the season.

3. New Twitter followers.  Not sure how, or why, but I seem to be accumulating followers. The thing that really makes me scratch my head in confusion and wonder is that it seems that I am attracting experienced writers and bloggers.  No pressure there…lol! It’s wild and wee bit scary.

4. Baptism. My oldest decided to get re-baptized and it happened just last night.  Just watching her come up out of the water with a mighty fist pump made me all verklempt.

5. People who ‘get’ the whole baptism piece and celebrate alongside you. They get the reason, they get why its a big deal, they get why it would leave me a mess.

6. Rain. Here in BC, I swear it rains 9 months out of the year, give or take a month of two.  While it can make days dreary and dull it also has a plus side to it, besides watering the planet.  It makes my hair so very soft…seriously, you got to try it! I actually had to prove the point to my children  and made them wash their hair out in the rain one day. They were cold but my point was made…rain water makes for a seriouly effective hair conditioner without all the chemicals found in the bottled variety. Try it! I dare you!

7. Death.  Sounds weird right? But as hard as it is to come to terms with it and the pain associated with it, without it we wouldn’t be able to appreciate life. This past week I had news of three different people passing away and in each situation it meant the end of suffering. That in and of itself is reason to be thankful.

8. God’s sense of humor. Seriously, if you’re ever in doubt that He has one, just take a look at human feet or a creature like the platypus. I think He made that creature just to see what we would do with it? A duck billed mammal that lays eggs.  Seriously?!  But the reason I appreciate it this week is that this year He has taken my completely non-PC hubby and is manoeuvering him into areas that require tact, and diplomacy. This could get interesting…just sayin.

So my blog reading friends, what or who has made you smile this week?


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