Thankful Thursday and other bits

I feel I must apologize for being so silent this week. Truth be told I had/have a serious case of what I can only call writer’s block. There was a void in that place that prose springs from. Gah!

Today is Thanksgiving Day for my American neighbors. It’s a day to take stock of those things and people in our lives that we care truely appreciative, but to also give thanks to the One who made it all possible.

There is a power in the giving of thanks. It is the key with which we are to enter our Heavenly Father’s throne room (Ps 100:4). It restores joy and peace. It defeats depression. It is the cornerstone on which faith grows.

It has to be daily thing. A giving of thanks in the good times and the bad. In the big things and the small. Whether it is easy or not. Oh may we, like David, sing ourselves into his presence (Ps 100:1-2, MSG); and say with conviction, “This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Ps 118:24).

This weeks offering of thanks is as follows:

1. I am so very thankful for health. Working at the Cancer Agency has shown me how fragile life can truly be. Especially now, with a family friend battling a terminal diagnosis. Eternity is so much closer than we think.

2. I am going to go out on a bit of limb here and say that I am thankful for the tough things that I am trying to overcome, for it is only through the victory over these things that My God is made manifest in ALL His glory.

3. Birds in flight. Saw a few of these on my commute this morning and the ballet they do riding the air’s currents is truly amazing. They really seem to have thrown off the fetters of this world and it seems as though nothing can hold them back. This can be true for us, so long as we lean on and fully trust in the daddy arms of Abba Father,the wind of the Holy Spirit and the leading of Jesus.

4. My new phone. Am truly having fun with my new iPhone5 that my darling hubby bought me. My youngest, is also enjoying the benefit as she can now facetime me. Her royal goofiness has done so time and again while we are both home…lol!

5. Weddings. My dear friend Tina is getting married and is in the final stages of planning and so forth before the big day next month. I was honored to be invited to her wedding shower; to see and meet those that she holds dear and close. It honestly looked like an informal meeting of the united nations, which was, in and of itself, very cool.

6. Safety. We had an incident of crossed wires and teenage decsion making this week that almost made my heart stop. So glad that, despite the imaginings of my overactive mind, that my son is safe and sound. And, yes, he is still among the living. (wink)

7. Music. Love that there is so much out there; the variety, and scope boggles me. I love that it can get me through a work out with energy, that it can soothe me to sleep, and most of all, I love how it can usher me into the presence of God.

8. Hannah’s laser treatment went off without a hitch! YUSSS!!! (fist pump) She was nervous (so was I but couldn’t say anything), and came through it like a champ. The doctor was impressed with her and said that she had done better than a good portion of his adult patients. Sunglasses were her friend that day and now it’s back to “regularly scheduled programming” for the (not so ) little imp.

So my friends, what are you thankful for on this American Thanksgiving Day?

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