Three Score and Ten

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He is and always has been one of my heroes. Today he has hit a another mile-stone number – 70.At a family breakfast to celebrate him this weekend, we got to talking about where he was born – a small town in the Netherlands, right in the middle of World War II.  Not the best of circumstances. He is the second oldest of 7 children and he along with several of his siblings were born into the chaos that was Europe at that time. Which got me to thinking about Rememberance Day but that is a post for another time.

When he was 8 the whole family emigrated to Canada, lured by the promise of a better life. Life wasn’t necessarily better or easier for them, but they made it work; settling into a home on Steveston Highway in Richmond. He had to leave school early in order to help support his family and by 15 he was working full-time with one of his uncles.

He met my Mom in 1964/65 and in his words, “She was a breath of fresh air”. They were married in 1966 and recently celebrated their 46th Anniversary.  Throughout life’s ups and downs one thing remained constant – his love for God and all He has done. You can read more about my dad here along with a few pictures. He is one of my heroes. Happy Birthday Daddy!

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