Eschet Chayil! Who…Me?

“You are a woman of valor!”

 These words were spoken to me not too long ago and at the time I had to almost physically restrain myself from looking behind me. Me? At the best of times I feel more like a small brown field mouse. Timid. Shy. (Don’t laugh too loudly at that) Definitely not the person one would normally think of in the terms of valor.

 We were both attending a wedding and got to chatting at bit, as you do to pass the time. As a small group of women we shared small pieces of our stories – married, kids and their ages, that sort of thing. I ended up sharing a small bit about having my 18-year-old niece living with us and some of the difficult circumstances around that.

 That was when she told me earnestly: “You are a Woman of Valor!”

Say what?

read the rest over at SheLoves Magazine….

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