One more time around…

Today marks the 4th day in a row that I woke up to fog, incredibly dense fog that hovers and blinds.  This fog has been our constant companion now for 3 solid days and it looks like we’re in for another full day.

This fog has made it seem like I’m living in some sort of dream state where nothing has any substance to it. Everything appears ethereal and doesn’t seem to become real and solid until I’m so close I could touch it. 

The denseness and longevity of the evironmental fog made feeling the sun’s rays a bit of a distant memory. All is quiet, hushed almost. Then, all of a sudden there is light, and everything is shown in clarity and color.  All of nature sits there in its glory and is dusted with the thinnest veneer of frost, just enough to add texture, and to mute some colors. The sun’s brightness invites us to close our eyes and turn our cold weary faces towards it, to bask in the warmth that is available.

Oh how glorious that sunshine feels when we bask in it. How reviving and healing it can feel.

This weekend we received the news that one of my uncles, one of Dad’s brothers, passed from this life into the arms of Jesus.  It all went so quickly that in some ways we are still processing it.  Death touches our lives and, like in nature when something so cold touches something warm, fog develops. Fog to protect, to soften the blow, to help soothe the rawness of it all.

The sunshine that I encountered on my way to work today reminded me that in this time of mourning, that we need to turn our faces to the One who can heal, who can comfort, who can make ALL things new.  He will carry. He will soothe the raw places. He will deliver from the fog and help us feel the warmth of life again.

For the second time in a month we are saying ‘Farewell’ to a loved one. Please join me in praying for the family as they, and we, walk through this journey of saying ‘Good-Bye’ to one of our own.

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