Thankful Thursday

It’s been quite a while since I wrote one of these. Perhaps in stopping to look, for those little things that make me smile and thankful to be alive, precipitated the late onset of winter blues. Or, perhaps that was the first symptom; who knows.

Regardless, we are back and, to be honest, struggling to find those things that make life good, and whole. But looking is the first step; finding them the next, and finally being able to put pen to paper and write them down. These are the steps to find my way back to being thankful for all those things that make me smile in wonder, that cause me to pause in thanksgiving, to once again turn my face into what is before me and embrace it once again.

I am thankful for the sunny days that are slowly making a comeback. Sunny days that I would normally hide from, due to my skin condition & the tendency to burn. I am slowly learning to embrace them, to go out in them, and generally enjoy them. We’d had gorgeous weather over the Easter weekend, but my intention of getting into the garden and preparing it for flowers, was stymied by my old habits of avoiding the sun. I’m going to have to work on that. Hiding, is not going to be an option this year. To that end…anyone have recommendations on a really good sunscreen?? I have a feeling I’m going to need lots of it this summer.

I am thankful for the laughter that can be found when my kids decide they actually like each other. The other day we were enroute home from a family outing and “Thriftshop” came on the radio. My beloved ‘angels’ decided they were going to sing the entire song at the top of their voices, and NOT avoid any one the questionable language in the song. Oh dear.  My husband was gutting himself laughing as they carried on in the backseat; my girls with their loud, high-pitched voices and my son with his low monotone. It’s those sorts of moments that I think, “We’re going to be okay, and they will grow up into responsible, albeit goofy, human beings”. (At least that’s the prayer)

I am thankful that my hubby has taken a renewed interest in his health. I have watched with concern as his weight ballooned, but knew that the impetus to do something about had to come from him. He is now working out (thank God for a work environment that encourages this), watching what he is eating, and so far has lost a whopping 75 pounds!  I am so proud of him. He is looking mighty fine these days – just sayin’.

I am also thankful for little things, like ice cold Pelligrino with lemon (or lime, I ‘m not fussy), Lindt easter eggs (mmmm dark chocolate), being able to wear flip flops, weekly dinners with my parents, goofy, nonsensical phonecalls with one of my sisters, cherry blossoms, and daffodils.  These are a few of my favorite things (cue the music).

So my friends, what are you thankful for? The chocolate Easter bunny that your beloved gave you? The feel of sunshine on your face? Whatever it is, I hope that the smile that it puts on your face stays there, and makes the rest of your day go by quickly.



  1. i have enjoyed your writing. it comes with a genuine spirit, and a true joy for life. I have been blogging for encouragement and growth for my personal spiritual growth. I challenged myself at Thanksgiving to also fill a year with ways I can find to be mindful of giving thanks…has been a sweet journey, a yours is a blessing to read.

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