WIP Wednesday

I’ve been a wee bit absent these past few months. I’ve been struggling with a few things, not the least of which is the place and purpose of this site. Please bear with me as I get back into the swing of things and find my stride again.

It is April, and here on the west coast of Canada, it has become very evident that Spring is here. Daffodils & cherry blossoms are in full bloom, sunny days are making a comeback, and it is warm enough to go without shoes (or at the very least socks – hallelujah!). The Earth is waking up from a long, and very damp, winter and is ready to stretch its arms and legs and roll back into life. Perhaps, that’s why now I am back at it. I think maybe, that I’ve been not only fighting my “muse” but also fighting a bit of the winter blues and now that the sun is shining there is a new sense of purpose and fight arising.

Easter has come and gone, and the holiday never fails to bring me to tears. The thought of all thatpedi's was accomplished on the cross, the journey that Jesus had to walk to get there, and all for the love of mankind, tears me up in ways I cannot fully explain. The weekend was full of family time and special events, like brunch, easter egg hunts, and pedi’s for my girls and I, and GI Joe for the guys.

Since this is my “Works in Progress” (WIP) post, let me share a few things that I’ve been either working on or am in the process of picking up.

politics of jesusLast month I wrote that I was going to read a book called “The Politics of Jesus” by Yoder. I have to confess tht I have only gotten through the first couple of chapters. I am finding the book a bit much to chew as it is written with what I call “academic speak” and so I find it hard to understand. I am not giving up on it, but will have to take it in dribs and drabs along with some note taking so I don’t forget what was read prior. Maybe I’ll lend it out to a friend of mine, who loves that sort of academic book, to read and see what they get out of it.

This month’s Transit Lounge book is “the Prophetic Imagination” by Brueggemann. I am hProphetic Imaginationoping that it is a bit easier to digest. I bought it a while ago, so now is the time to crack it open and see what treasures it holds.

As for the crochet projects that I have on the go, I have finished one baby blanket and it is ensconced with its new owner. I still have the pink crochetand brown afghan that I’m making for my daughter, and also a second baby blanket for a cousin who is expecting.

I am also, trying to figure out a project that may or may not be ready for revealing by November. I am hoping that it will benefit some outreach projects that are initiatives through my church. I dare not say more than that. If it gets off the ground, it’ll be a lot of work, but it’ll be worth it if does what I hope it will.

So my friends, I hope that this coming month finds you taking long walks in the sun, enjoying the spring flowers, and basking in the goodness of warmer weather.


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