Finding balance: Martha vs Mary

I have been pondering these past few days all that was said at the SheLoves Conference.  It was a fantastic event that has me looking forward to next year.

These past few entries have also found me pondering Mary and Martha. Mary, the one who chose to sit a Jesus’s feet and Martha, her sister, who got caught up in trying to feed a gaggle of men who showed up at her doorstep.

We all (men included) have some of each of these two ladies in us; the question remains is who has the stronger voice? Is it Mary? Is spending time with Jesus and in His house (aka church), the end all and be all of your christian walk? Do you take time to serve, or do you always occupy a seat?

Or is it Martha? Are you constantly serving to the point that you end up missing out on hearing the word being taught? Do you get a bit sideways with those that don’t serve and are always in their seat, taking notes, but never seemingly helping?

For me, Martha has the louder voice, the bigger muscles, and she will very readily push Mary aside to get things done (yes, she’s a bit of a bully). The thing is, Mary needs to have her voice be heard by me as well. If I don’t allow her time my faith, my strength starts to falter.

My question is, how do I find the balance between these two characteristics? Where do I put the fulcrum so that I & my soul remain healthy? My center of balance is not going to be the same as yours as we have different lives; but the fact remains that we all need to find it,  and make the necessary adjustments to maintain it.

My friends, who has the louder voice in your life?

How did you find your balance between Mary & Martha?

Have you found it?

What do you do to keep both Mary and Martha in check and happy?


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