WIP Wednesday & finding Mary

It’s the first Wednesday of a new month, where has the time gone?!

My Work In Progress (WIP) post this month, has to do once again with my crochet projects (yes, I have more than one going), and the books that I should’ve read but haven’t finished (my bad).


Afghan project for Hannah

Afghan project for Hannah


I’m on the second of 4 huge balls of yarn that will make up the afghan that I’m making for my youngest child. I think it’s coming along a treat.





baby blanket #2I’m making another baby blanket. the pattern is the same as the first one, but I’m using a bigger hook and different colored yarn. About halfway done on this one.




I’m still picking my way through ‘Prophetic Imagination” by Brueggerman, and I still plan on finishing “Politics of Jesus” by Yoder. Both are heavier than I had anticipated so it will definitely take me longer to read them.





I’m partly done getting my garden ready for the summer. As you can see it is definitely a work in progress. The one bed took me over 2 hours to weed and set to rights. I haven’t even started on the other one yet. I’m so not a gardener but it’s things like this that build character…right?




Most of all though, I’m thinking that the WIP that I’ll be working on more this coming month is myself. There’s a little too much fear, a little too much worry, and a little too much comfort seeking there for my liking. Perhaps a little too much Gideon, a little too much Moses, a little too much Martha, and not enough Peter, Paul and Mary (pun intended…I crack myself up sometimes…LOL).

Time to try and find Mary again. To that end, the next few days will find me at the SheLoves Women’s Conference¬†which is hosted and organized by my church. I have been active in this conference for many years but always as a team leader in the area of hospitality. Because of my role, I have been at the conference, but rarely got to listen or be in the conference itself.

This year, I’m not a part of any team, and so can finally sit, listen and learn. This was a deliberate act, but now that the conference is looming, I find that I’m feeling a little lost without having something to do. It feels odd. Actually I’m feel a little lost & a little adrift. I’m not sure I know how to just ‘Be’ at a conference anymore.

Who do I sit with?

Do I remember how to take notes?

Will I finally find the “Mary” in me, and give Martha a well deserved rest?

By Friday I should be able to have some of my answers…I hope.


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