Blueberry Salvation

It’s blueberry season here, and because of that everywhere you look are blueberry stands. The ability to purchase large quantities is easy to find due to the glut on the market.

 My husband and I recently purchased 100 pounds (yes, 100 pounds) of the berry and I spent the weekend washing, picking through and prepping the small mountain of berries for the freezer. By the end of all that work we had about 60 medium sized Ziploc freezer bags full, and I really didn’t want to see another blueberry for quite some time.

 Here’s the kicker, I don’t like blueberries. I really don’t. These were bought for my hubby and my teens to enjoy. Oh the things we do for love.

 I spent hours going through box after box of berries picking out the twigs, the furry ones, the squishy ones, the little green ones. Hours. Yet in that time I got some time to reflect.

 Walking out our salvation is kind of like going through a box of blueberries. I know, deep right?!

 Here’s the thing, when we are first saved, when we take that first step and accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we are washed clean and the process of transforming, of cleaning, of becoming more than we were starts. We mark the date, and we step forward into all that God has for us.

Mark the Date

 He helps us go through our lives, our everyday day lives with all our passions, personality, gifts, and hang ups, and when we submit to Him, He picks out the detritus and sets the rest aside for His purposes.

Picking out the detritus

Some of it will be used right away, some will be put “in the freezer” until needed at a later date. Some will be made into jam, a process that requires heat, and some crushing to bring out the sweetness. Some will be used right away to add flavor to cake or flap jacks. All will be used to help feed the people He brings across our paths.

 As for the bits that were removed, they will be added to the compost. God never wastes anything and what was the detritus of our lives will be used to help others grow.


 Blueberries, God and I hung out this weekend and perhaps I ended up learning (or re-learning) a thing or two in the process.

 My friends, what has God been showing you lately in the every day course of your day?

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