Solitary Smorgasbord

It’s been a fabulous couple of days here. I’m in my happy place.

I’m spending a few weeks here, at Green Lake. A gem of a lake nestled behind 70 Mile House. Family is here, God is here.

The August long weekend found the family site fully occupied. Family from all corners of BC and some from Alberta find their way here every year to reconnect; to once again forge the bonds of love, tolerance and gezelligheid (my Dutch is showing).

Between Aunts, Uncles, cousins, spouses, friends, and children ranging from newborn to 18, I think we had close to 100 bodies here and about 20 dogs. To say that we were full up is somewhat of an understatement. 4 acres can hold only so many cabins, trailers and tents, jus’ sayin.

Now in the aftermath of the long weekend, the number of bodies has vastly decreased. Many went home yesterday, still more have left today. I look,forward to this busy full weekend every year but also relish the quieter days following.

These quiet days find me truly in my happy place. Nothing I love more than to sit somewhere with a book or a stitching project. My challenge always is to make time to socialize. The temptation to hole up in my trailer for days on end is great and is the one thing I battle every summer.

I am reminded each time I come here that, yes, some solitary, recouping time is good, but no one is meant to do life alone. It takes people traveling alongside you to help point you in the right direction, to help you raise your children, to help you realize that the world is so much bigger than just you and your corner of it.

My friends, I hope that this summer finds you in a zone of recuperation, but also knowing that life is not a solitary thing. It is a veritable smorgasbord of connections, of growing, and learning.

Hugs & Smooches from Green Lake,

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