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Every summer I come face to face with my heritage and in some ways revel in it.  Family congregates on the shore of a small lake in the Cariboo region and ties are re-forged, and there is much catching up to do.  As conversations ebb and flow, Dutch mingles with English in a sort of […]


I am from Canada, and the Netherlands, From peacekeeping, and underground rebellion. I am from immigration and citizenship From struggling to survive to blessing and a good life I am from ‘bookend’ parents; Cornelis and Cornelia; Both immigants, both Dutch, both Canadian; I am from Dutch nursery rhymes and Canadian school yard games From chubby bunny […]


“Home is where the heart is”  Home. The word and the place evoke strong images and feelings. Songs and sonnets were written about it; songs of longing and anticipation.  Home. The one place we can truly be ourselves & accepted as such (or at least that’s what it should be). A place of love, forgiveness […]


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