I am from Canada, and the Netherlands,
From peacekeeping, and underground rebellion.

I am from immigration and citizenship
From struggling to survive to blessing and a good life

I am from ‘bookend’ parents; Cornelis and Cornelia;
Both immigants, both Dutch, both Canadian;

I am from Dutch nursery rhymes and Canadian school yard games
From chubby bunny competitions and drinks around the campfire;
From Sunday coffee that extends over lunch; coffee, drink and food all in plenty supply.

I am from love, laughter, and discipline
From baking, cleaning, and “do your best”.

I am from family, large and loud,
And from quiet solace found

I am from pannekoek and dropjes,
From shepherd’s pie and dark, bitter chocolate

I am from presents on Christmas Eve and oliebollen at New Year’s
From Santa Claus and fireworks,
From Easter bunny and The Cross

I am from Calvinism and Pentecostal meetings
From hope to promise;
Wondering to knowing;

I am from pain and peace
From dark places and light

I am from earth and mountain lakes;
From oceans and great forests;
These are what speak to my soul and quiet my mind;
Majestic, steadfast, and vast
Just like my God.

part of a synchroblog at SheLoves Magazine

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