I have been sitting on the lanai for the past hour in Honolulu. The sky is finally starting to lighten with the rising of the sun and the city sounds are becoming more pronounced as it wakes up. Loungers below me by the pool are being dressed with cushions and the lagoon sand is being groomed.

I am here with Hoss on holiday and to celebrate two decades of marriage. This is only the third of,what I consider, big vacations for us. Our first was our honeymoon, a three night cruise that took us down the Baja peninsula. Our second was also a cruise but that time we headed north to Alaska. Now here we are on an island in the middle of an Ocean. It is humid and warm (go figure) and I, having never been to a tropical place, was quite surprised at how warm it remained over night.

We rented a small condo (read studio suite) right on Waikiki beach. We were shown our suite by an odd little Oriental lady who kept pointing to things, referencing them as ‘that/this guy’ and following it with ‘don’t touch it’.

The differences between here and home are a bit startling. I left home with vibrant hue of red, gold and orange and am now surrounded by verdant greenery. Temperatures don’t even compare and it may take a day or two (or three) to acclimate. The air smells so different here that I would immediately know I wasn’t home. I told Hoss when we stepped out of the airport that it reminded me of the tropical area at the Vancouver Aquarium (I know, really Chele?). I have also seen my first cockroaches, though thankfully they were not in my suite.

It all seems to showcase the creativity and diversity of God. It’s so amazing. And just think, He’s created multiple scenarios worldwide, each with their own sights, and scents.

It’s fully light now, so perhaps I’ll sit back now and pick up a my crochet hook (yes I brought it along, quit laughing at me) and try to get a scarf, or two, done while I’m here and the hubs sleeps.

Hugs & Smooches from Waikiki

PS: I’ll be posting pics on my Instagram account so if you’d like to peak at what we’re doing, head over there & follow.


  1. Hey lady, love it, love it, love it. Keep writing and have a wonderful time but, seriously, you brought your needlework to Hawaii…tee hee

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