A Christmas Tradition

This time of year is rife with tradition. Every family has them, whether its a favorite dish served up on  Christmas day, what gets put in the stockings, orwhere you spend it.  Some of our traditions include opening gifts Christmas Eve, making croquette, and attending the late service at church on Christmas Eve in order to ring in Christmas Day at midnight.

As a family one of our favorite Christmas traditions is to be activly involved in a community outreach program through our church. To that end, these past few days have been a whirlwind of activity.

Sunday found us bright eyed and bushy-tailed (okay for my teens that may be stretching it a bit at 7 am), and ready to help with the set up and execution of a work bee to assemble, fill, wrap and label 1500 boxes of toys and personal hygiene items (hair brushes, tooth brushes, etc) for the kids in 5 inner city elementary schools here in Surrey.  If you want to see some pictures and video of the event check out #kidschristmasproject on Twitter and/or Instagram. To get more info on the project check out kidschristmasproject.com.

It was a busy, sometimes frenetic, day, but well worth the effort. We have been a part of this project since it’s inception within a church home group and it has grown exponentially over the years. My children, now well into their teens, have been taken along on the journey and look forward to this event with each new year.

Last night found me helping out at my church’s christmas hamper project which operates hand in hand with the gift boxes.  We packed, sorted, and labeled 200 food hampers for our adopted schools as well as those within our church community and the community outside our doors. Again, if your interested in some pictures or video check out #relatechristmasproject on Twitter and/or Instagram.

All of these boxes and hampers will be distributed this week to the schools and to doorsteps. I love that we get to do this; to show our city love, compassion, and to lend a helping hand.

I also love that it helps my teens to get a different perspective on the holiday and perhaps on life. We are blessed to be a blessing, and teaching my kids to get out of their head space and learn to pay it forward is always worth the effort of dragging them out of bed early on a Sunday morning.

So my friends what is your favorite christmas tradition(s)??

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