Intangibly Tangible

It can be brought,
Given, and
Still, it has no physical form.
It inspires, and in doing so it
Gives strength.
And yet, requires strength to lend it wings.
It floats,
Always rising in the darkest of hours.
We grasp it with both hands,
Clinging with desperation
To something that can be so intangible.
Starting as a small light
Ever growing,
Molding to each situation.
One size fits all.
We bring it forth
Believing it can be enough,
And it ends up being more;
For it never truly dies.

 done as a link up with SheLoves Magazine for January’s theme of Hope.




  1. I’m over here from Shelovesmagazine … and especially love the last stanza!

  2. Beautiful Michelle! xo

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