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First a small update on the Hubs:
For those that are following, the Hubs is currently in Russia, and is currently learning the ropes and streets of the Olympic village and venues in Sochi.  He arrived safe and sound after 35 hours of travelling and started work almost right away. He has recently been assigned to the Sports Desk as a driver.  He has a Hungarian roommate who is apparently a light sleeper – this could be interesting as Hubs is an avid snorer even with his CPAP machine.  He has also found things quite expensive there, but that could also be due to the 30:1 (ruble/canadian) exchange rate.

As for Us:

A new day has dawned and it’s good to know some things don’t change.  

There’s still the chasing down of whether or not the dog has been fed & let out. There’s still the pop music blaring from the bathroom. There’s still the jockeying for the shower and the loud exclamations when someone is beat to the bathroom and the door is closed in their face. The chasing down of homework, the monitoring of programs being watched, the picking up and dropping off, the bedtime reminders, etc; it’s all still there.
It’s all chaos, but it’s good. It’s life. It’s our life; a life that seems to carry on despite the fact that part of us is half way around the world.  It seems strange, yet good & comforting at the same time.
We are 1 week into this 6-7 week stretch and I’m starting to sleep better, but I’m not sure if that’s from sleep deprivation catching up to me or my new sleeping strategy of having myself all but cocooned in the quilt so that I have the illusion of not being alone.
My phone and gmail account are the first things I reach for now. I relish each email that he sends me and am trying to send little newsy type emails back. He tries to send one each day, but that is not always possible.  He asks me to phone via Skype, and we are both learning about the idiocyncrasies of voice/internet protocol.  Thank God for those 5 minute calls which have to be timed just right due to the 12 hour time difference. It’s not the same as getting multiple texts and calls during the day, but at the same time the language and sentiment is as familiar as the beat of my own heart.
Life looks different, yet it still looks the same. The rhythm of life feels different, yet in some ways it feels familiar.  Some things have stayed the same; yet I’m learning to find comfort and ease in the differences that are there.

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