I have a plan, a good plan. Really.

At least that’s what I told myself just a few short days ago.

Said plan is more challenging than I had first anticipated. I have re-discovered, since the inception of the plan, that I am very distractable when I want to be.

You know that movie with the creature in it that gets readily distracted and yells “Squirrel!”? Yeah, that’s me.  My thoughts run willy nilly and I have confused my husband on more than one occasion due to that unfortunate wiring.

Notice I said I am distractable when I want to be. Change can be difficult and not always welcome. I know I need to make these changes, the problem arises with my ‘want to’. When my want to doesn’t line up with my need to then I am more than capable of distracting myself with all sorts of things…like adding yet another crochet project, or taking a gifting test, or checking Facebook or Twitter, or Instagram…you get the picture.

I had to be very deliberate in sitting down to even write this post as I am very willing to be sidetracked with the infinity scarf project that I have just started, and that is currently sitting on my desk here at work. Don’t worry, I’m writing this on my lunch break so no rules broken. Honest.

The biggest thing that I have been willing to be distracted from is the purposed reading that I wanted to get done. It is all a part of the plan.  I was going to get a friend to come along on the ride and we were going to read a book a month together. We would write about it, talk about it, etc.

Well, that friend and I, we sat down, and talked, and trembled, and shook our heads, and finally wrote the list out. Both of us were stunned and felt a bit of shock at what we had chosen and knew that this was going to be a year that will stretch us, possibly uncomfortably. Oh man….

I don’t like uncomfortable. I really don’t. So….Squirrel! Distract. Distract. Distract. Inside I’ve got some sort of stage one alarm going off…”Danger Will Robinson. Danger!” 

It’s time, I think, to stop procratinating, stop distracting, and turn off that infernal alarm (it’s so annoying). Time to be deliberate.

For all of you who are interested in what my reading is (hopefully) going to include, here is The List (cue music):

January: “And We Are Changed: Encounters with a Transforming God” by Priscilla Shirer
February: “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” by Kris Vallotton
March: “Believing God” by Beth Moore
April: “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp
May: “Lioness Arising” by Lisa Bevere
June: “The Insanity of God” by Nik Ripken
July: “Fashioned to Reign” by Kris Vallotton
August: “Possessing Your Inheritance” by Chuck Pierce
September: “Waking Up In Heaven” by Crystal McVea
October: “Captivating” by John & Staci Eldridge
November: TBA
December: “Crazy Love” by Franics Chan

So there you have it, my(our) reading plan. There’s a hand full of books in that list that I’ve started and put down that I really need to pick up again and re-start. There may also be books that I read in addition to these.  I will endeavor to make sure that those additional books arent’ another “squirrel” moment.  If you’re interested in reading along with us, please do so, we would love the company.

So, my friend here we go. No more distractions. Let’s pick up that book, shut down the social media, the computer games, and get to reading…in between the sessions with the crochet hook of course (wink), ‘cuz sometimes you just need to put the book down and process.



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