Crocheted Honour & Prayer

I have a busy summer ahead of me. I have committed to making 5 baby blankets by the end of August. Not sure if I’ll make it but I’m going to give it my best shot. Each of these blankets already has a home and is being made for some very specific babies.

 Making crocheted baby blankets is kind of my way of saying, “Welcome to planet earth little one”. It is also my way of placing honour on the event and on the parents of said baby by making something that they may not necessarily get or have.

 As I crochet I think about the child, who they’ll be and I pray. I pray for the new mother, the babe, the delivery, etc, all while reading a pattern and shuttling my hook in and out of the blanket.

 The prayers sound a little like this (at least in my head):

 Father God,

 We thank you for this child.
We thank you that this child is blessed with good health.
We thank you that this child is loved and wanted.
(insert hook, yarn over, pull through)
We thank you that this child already has the mind of Christ.
We thank you that this child will make an impact on this world for your glory.
(yarn over twice, insert hook,…)
Lord we thank you that you know and count every hair on this child’s as yet unborn head.
We thank you that their name, yet to be spoken, is already written on the palm of your hand.
We thank you that you have already ordained every day for this child, that you know the end from the beginning and it is good.
We thank you for the plan and purpose you have for this child.
Father we thank you for peace and good health for the new mamma.
We thank you that she is blessed with dreams and visions for this child.
We thank you that she will have a flawless and quick delivery.
(dc, chain, dc, repeat 5 times….)
We thank you that there is no fear in her heart.
We thank you that as she co-labours with you to bring new life that she steps into the sacred moments with confidence.
We thank you that even as her belly expands and grows, so too does her heart; a heart that will be soft, tender and yet fiercely protective.
Father we thank you for the new father.
We thank you that he is a man of righteousness and strength.
We thank you that he is a man unafraid of expressing love and forgiveness.
We thank you that he will see the wonder of life; that he will see the sacred in the moments of birth.
(yarn over, pull through 2 loops, insert hook….)
Father we thank you for his arms that will hold and protect his family with love and integrity.
Bless him with continuous and prosperous employment so that he may always know that he has provided for his family.
We thank you that his name is spoken in the city gates.
(with right side facing, join…..)
 We thank you Father that together these new parents will raise a mighty warrior, in the joy and admonition of Lord.
We thank you that they walk arm in arm, hand in hand with you, Father.
We thank you that You form the third strand that forms a 3-fold cord within their marriage that will not be easily broken.
We thank you that as they raise this child up in the way he/she should go that he/she will not depart from it.
(slip stitch, chain 3, dc in next stitch….)
 We thank you that you have a good plan for this family; a plan that, I pray, they will have to courage to step into with boldness.
We thank you for new life, new families, and new opportunities to walk out your plan for us mere mortals here on earth.
We thank you, that you have allowed us to co-labour with you in this miracle called life.
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  1. Oh Michele, this is beyond stunning. Thank you for sharing your skills and your heart. I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of your incredible ministry . . .whether the blanket gets finished or not, I so cherish these words! Thank you tremendously my dear.

  2. Megan, I love how the prayers flow in rhythm to your hands “yarn over, pull through….” Beautiful. I recently read where the Hebrew word, avodah, means work AND worship. That’s what your work it – your worship. Lovely!

  3. Hey lady, this is awesome…these gifts that the Father has bestowed upon you – the gift of an open heart to give to those you love and the gift of working with your hands to make something beautiful and everlasting…Bless you…oh of course and your gift for writing…tee hee

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