Here God….

It has been a glorious week weather wise here in the Greater Vancouver Area. Lots and lots of sunshine, unbeatable views of the mountains, and don’t even get me started on those sunsets.

It’s definitely summer and it’s hard to find fault with anything when you have this kind of splendour all around you. (Except maybe when your house is 30 degrees inside and you don’t have air conditioning…but that’s beside the point.)

 I am in the last few weeks of work before I can take off for my fave spot for a few weeks. August will find me firmly ensconced in my trailer right on Green Lake. This is my happy place, my ‘connect with God’ space. I love it and can get a bit growly if faced with having to decrease my time there. Oh how I long for those days when I could spend the whole summer there. 

There is something about those mountains and clear lake waters that soothes my heart and my soul. I find God there so much easier than in the day to day operations of my home. I hear Him more clearly. I find His presence easier to find. Perhaps because all the noise of regular life is gone. Or, perhaps it’s because I’m finally sitting still long enough for Him to catch my attention.

 I’m trying to find that same vibe at home. I know that it is possible as I know people who’ve found that space. There are just so many distractions if you’re like me those “Squirrel!” moments can happen quite frequently.

 Last night, I made myself sit still and put on some of my fave worship music, which is right now anything by Bethel Music. Okay, so I didn’t exactly sit still. I grabbed my crochet hook and worked away on my current baby blanket project. My door was closed, a clear signal to my kids to knock before entering, and God and I hung out in my “craft corner”.

 I hadn’t done that for a number of weeks and it felt good to be able to do that again. I had done A LOT of it back in May when there was some big stuff going down in our family. We had a family member come stay with us while they waited to get into a detox centre and subsequently into a recovery house. So much stress, so much prayer, so much….everything. 

I clung to my time with God with both hands, and between Him, my crochet hook, and Bethel Music, we got a lot done, both physically and (I like to think) spiritually. We had some very frank conversations and there were times of tears, fist shaking, and why me’s. 

In a way, I’m grateful for the example that David set in the Psalms. Knowing that David also had very frank conversations with God and was still called a man after God’s own heart, made it easier for me to vent, fume, and otherwise get up in God’s grill, so to speak, without fear of retribution.

Psalm 37:5 says,” Open up before God, keep nothing back; He’ll do whatever needs to be done.”

 Let that sink in. Open up. Don’t hold back. He’s got it and will do what needs to be done.

 I love that. This verse has proven itself true over these past months in my life. I didn’t know what to do. Here God. I didn’t know how to carry it. Here God. What are we going to with this? Here God.

 It was liberating. The situation didn’t change, but my perspective of how to cope, of how to handle things changed. Did the burden change? No but a shared load is much easier to bear. A shared load helps you go further and longer.

 If left to our own devices, our strength, and our hearts will tire and fail; but knowing that God is our strength (Ps 73:26) and that He will never fail is a serious load buster. Knowing He is a refuge means we can, without doubt, trust in the shelter of His wings (Ps 61:4).

 That, my friends, is something you can hang your hat on in good times, and in the not so good times. Whatever you’re going through He’s got your situation in hand. Just call out, He’s right there waiting for you to let it go. 


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