I See you

Ever have those moments, okay days (weeks?) where you don’t feel yourself? I’m just coming out of that today. Now I’m not saying these things are true but for the past few days it’s been a fight not to see myself as the family screw up, the one who can’t get anything right, the one who always seems to be behind the eight ball, etc.

If you’ve read the past few posts you know that being or seeing me has been a struggle. A struggle to see my potential, to do what I’m supposed to do and believe that I can do it.

At this point I can hear some of you saying to put on my big girl panties and deal, but there are times that this struggle is very real.

I’ve also been walking with a few close friends through some big stuff. Sometimes literally walking, and other times hand holding, lending an ear, or a shoulder; all the things you do as friend to help ease another’s hurt, and make life seem a little easier to bear for them. 

Between all of these things I’ve felt stretched and at times have felt pulled to the point that my soul has felt thin, almost transparent. It is at those moments that I longed to be seen, to be held, to be told it’s all going to be okay.

It was at one of those hard, transparent times that I felt God speak loud and clear and say;
“My darling, I see you. 

You are loved.

I know you, inside and out.

I knit you together before you were born.

I have created you in my image.

I know every hair on your head, and every word you have and will ever speak or write.

Your name is tattooed on the palm of my hand.

I have delivered you from the powers of darkness.

I have established you in righteousness.

You are more than a conqueror.

You are covenanted to me through my son.

You are my precious child, and nothing can ever separate you from me.

I know your comings and goings, and I am your shield, and your fortress.

I will never leave you or forsake you.

So, my love, hold tight to me; hold tight to faith; hold tight to my word.

I love you.”

My friends, that, right there, brought tears streaming down my face. I held it close not wanting to let it go. 

And now I must release it and hope that there are those of you that need it as much as I did.

So, dear readers, if you’re in a hard place, feel forgotten or stretched thin, let these words hold you, comfort you, and give you something to hold onto. Words straight from God’s heart (& mine) to you.

I see you. I’ve got you. I love you.



  1. Great post, and I love your transparency. I myself received some unpleasant news about a loved one, and rather than allowing myself to enter “the fog”, I felt Jesus just say, simply, “I am here.” He brought to mind Matthew 14, when Jesus meets the disciples while they’re on the boat in the storm, and he tells them, “Have courage, I am here”. Been holding on to that! I’m sure moments of feeling defeated about things will come, but I will choose to remind myself that he’s here, he’s got this. Love you Michele! Thank you for sharing your heart.

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