A Cabin in the Woods

This picture came to me in dribs and drabs while I was partaking in an exercise of praying in tongues for 5 minutes, then waiting on God for 5, and then journalling what came to me after that.


‘I see a path that traverses through a heavily wooded area.

There is a fog/mist so thick that I can barely make out the path or the shapes of the trees. The trees appeared as indistinct dark shapes swaying on either side of the path.

I see people approaching the path and as they begin to travel the path they fade into dark silhouettes. They seem to be searching for something.

The picture then zooms way out and I see how heavily wooded this forest is – you can’t see the ground or the path.

The tops of the trees peak through the heavy fog/mist and appear to on fire but the trees are not consumed. The fire kind of looks like a cross between flame and the aurora borealis.

Zooming in again…about half way… I see a rustic cabin that I couldn’t see from above. It is made with rough hewn timbers and logs. Theres’ a front porch and a river rock chimney. It’s very quaint, and it almost has a storybook quality to it (like something out of a Thomas Kincaid painting).

As I watch, I see people approaching the cabin one or two at a time and enter it. No one appears to leave.

As more and more people enter, the cabin begins to grow, both upwards and outwards. Multiple windows show up. Some are lit others are not. Some have flower boxes in full bloom, some are empty.

As large as the structure got, it still seemed to blend into the forest and could not be seen from above.

There’s a sense of safety, life, and happiness.’

“My father’s house has many rooms” John 14:2

“For over all, his glory will be shelter and protection” Is 4:6 NABRE (NAB, revised edition)

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