June, WIPs and New Endeavors

June went by WAAAAY too fast. It came and went with its own flare, and its own hiccups.

June saw my car broken into and Hoss’s car stolen and, thankfully, recovered. We are still hyper-vigilant around our home and vehicles as one does not recover from that sort of violation readily but we are safe, and cars are fixable.

June also saw our youngest finish her second to last year of high school and head off to to do some community outreach work in inner city LA. She’s still processing a lot of what she saw and did, but the stories are slowly coming out and we are, once again, amazed at the goodness of our Lord.

June, in many ways, has felt big and in some ways quite weighty. It has left us a bit breathless, and hoping that July will allow us to see rest, restoration, and more of the goodness of God.

As for my WIP basket: it once contained approximately 8 or so unfinished projects. It now contains 6. Go team!

I finished yet another shawl, and a baby blanket all on the Canada Day weekend. I hurt a bit from that marathon but it was very satisfying to knock a few projects out of the basket and into the done pile.

baby blanket - the colour didn't come out but is a marigold yellow

baby blanket – the colour didn’t come out but is a marigold yellow

second shawl - luv this deep purple

second shawl – luv this deep purple

That being said….I did start something new. Okay…a few somethings….lol.

I started a new afghan project that is teaching me a new technique as well as getting me somewhat used to piece work. Let me know what you think.

african flower afghan

african flower afghan

I’ve also collaborated with a friend to make cards that will accompany these projects to their new homes once they are done. Thanks to Angela and Vistaprint those cards are now a reality and I’m at once excited and a bit anxious about how these cards will be received. They have been a thing that God laid on my heart shortly after He assigned me crochet projects and now that they are here, the real work begins of crafting messages that begin and end on His Word.

So, my friends, what have you been working on? What is going on in your world? Drop me a line and let’s talk about our worlds and how they collide, bless and astound us.



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