A Christmas Prayer

Hey God, it’s us again, Thank you for who you are: Mighty, Sovereign, Loving, Eternal, Counselor, Father, Adoni, Elohim, ..the list goes on and on; there are not enough words in this world to adequately describe who you are and what you mean to us.

Thank you for this new day, this chance to once again start over with a clean slate with you.

Thank you that you said you would never leave us or forsake us.

That’s an amazing promise, yet it’s one that is, at times, so hard to remember.
We’re entering the month of December and we’re in the home stretch of this year,

And we look back with awe at all that you have accomplished; through us individually (even though we’ve been a bit of a handful…sorry about that) and through your church.

We’re also a bit embarrassed about our mistakes…there seem to be so many of them. Thank goodness your mercies are new EVERY morning, and that you offer forgiveness at every turn.

Thank you that we can once again can celebrate your arrival on Earth. Thank you for the incredibly vulnerable and emotional gift of your son Jesus.

We call this season Advent, and we ponder, in this season, the coming of the Messiah, and what it took for young Mary to say yes, as well as the shepherds and the Magi.

We remember Emmanuel, God with us.

We decorate, light candles, add colourful lights to our houses;

We celebrate you, oh how we celebrate you, in the best way we know how, with song, and gifts, and feasting. We spend countless hours trying to find that perfect gift, and preparing for the actual day. We want it all to be so perfect for you and for our family and friends.

We try so hard that we end up, at times, frazzled, and just a wee bit crazy. We get so caught up in the process that we can lose sight of why, and the how.

We lose sight of peace.
Lord we crave your peace.

Your Peace that passes all understanding, the Peace that will garrison and mount guard over our hearts and minds, the Peace that comes from joy filled hearts.
Peace that this world, and we so desperately need.
Especially now, when this world seems to be exploding with acts of terrorism, fear, and helplessness.

Lord, we ask that you become our Peace.

That as the Prince of Peace, your presence will be palpably felt in our homes, and in our hearts.

Help us to understand that as Jehovah Shalom, you are our ever present peace; our safe and sound harbour.

Help us to understand that it is your Peace that is our shield and our weapon against fear and darkness.

Lord God we embrace all this Advent and Christmas season has in store for us; the celebrations, the giving, the decor; we invite you into all of it. Most of all, though, we embrace you, your presence and your peace.

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