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Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!

I live in, what I believe, is one of God’s favorites corners of the world…British Columbia. I am mom to 3 teenagers, and wife to one amazing man. I love God, love sharing what He’s done for me and my family…go ahead ask…I’ll share. I am also passionate about being plugged into the house of God as well as serving there in any capacity…as my pastor keeps asking us, “What’s in your cupboard, what’s in your hand?”

The title for this blog came about because of discussions with a friend and with my hubby. When I first contemplated a blog/website I wanted it to be a place where people could share, talk and otherwise partake of the goodness of God. Be it food, or an occurrence that made one smile. I believe there is a God in heaven who will move heaven & earth to show you His love & who wants to see you smile. Hence, the smooches part of the name.

‘Looking into a different mirror’ came from my hubby. He was reading my posts when I started blogging that were part of a writer’s challenge I partook in. In the first post of this challenge we were to declare that we were a writer. ‘But I don’t see myself as one,’ I told him. ‘Then get a different mirror,’ was his reply; and so, the subtitle was born.

Since it’s inception this little corner of the world has evolved and has changed directions once or twice and I’m sure that it will again some time in the future. For now though it is a place to write about life, about faith, and about what’s going on in my house at any given time.

So pull up a chair, and get comfortable. I’ll put the coffee on (or do you prefer tea?) and let’s visit and get to know each other.

me & my man

My fam in ALL their glory


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