mash up

Woke up this morning around 3:30 am after a fitful 4 hour sleep.  So not computing on all levels today.  I am sitting at my desk, staring blearily at my computer, trying to make sense of patient charting, and wondering where I’m going to find at least two brain cells to rub together so that […]

Our Story…still unfolding

19 years ago today we stood in a church on a cold rainy day, much like today, and said our vows. Who knew what lay in store for us in the coming years? Would we stand the test of time? We faced the unknown together, holding hands, with smiles and tears. Who knew that when […]

Holiday Aftermath

As some of you may know (or not), I got to spend the Thanksgiving holiday visiting my sister in Alberta, a some 13 hour drive from home.  It was planned as a surprise, and it was executed flawlessly. The trip up was interrupted with stops in Kamloops, Salmon Arm and Craigellachie, where the last spike […]

Today I celebrate you

Today I celebrate you, my husband.  The man you were, the man you are, and the man you’re becoming. Today I celebrate you because you have given much to keep this family going. Today I celebrate the fearlessness that is in you; that boldness that takes on whatever God, work and family has thrown at […]

Mt Baker, Budgets and Wisdom

This morning’s commute was one of those ones that made me grateful to be alive.  The air was cool and crisp with the promise of warmer temperatures. The sun was shining and there were signs all around that fall was indeed on its way.  Trees had started changing color and they looked half dressed for a […]

And we’re off….sorta

Today marks the first full day of school for my brood.  I now have one in grade 12, one in grade 10 and one in grade 8; and it’s beginning to look like a big year.  Our high school senior has been bouncing out of bed at the crack of light, something that has never […]


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