A Christmas Tradition post script

If you’re interested you can find more pictures from the Christmas box event here, or check out the link on our Facebook pg. Have a fantastic day friends!

A Christmas Tradition

This time of year is rife with tradition. Every family has them, whether its a favorite dish served up on  Christmas day, what gets put in the stockings, orwhere you spend it.  Some of our traditions include opening gifts Christmas Eve, making croquette, and attending the late service at church on Christmas Eve in order […]

It’s been a while…..

Things have been hectic and life took hold and shook me good over these past 2 months. If this post ends up sounding a bit whiney, then I will apologize  now and will not feel bad in the least if you want to call it quits right now. We are sitting smack dab in the […]


Thoughts Swirling, twirling, Like snowflakes on the wind. Ephemeral, fleeting Hard to pin down Harder to write. Amid fear And stubborn pride They fall Only to melt Disappearing into the ether Vague notions Gone


I have been sitting on the lanai for the past hour in Honolulu. The sky is finally starting to lighten with the rising of the sun and the city sounds are becoming more pronounced as it wakes up. Loungers below me by the pool are being dressed with cushions and the lagoon sand is being […]


Every summer I come face to face with my heritage and in some ways revel in it.  Family congregates on the shore of a small lake in the Cariboo region and ties are re-forged, and there is much catching up to do.  As conversations ebb and flow, Dutch mingles with English in a sort of […]


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