on trust and learning not to hide

These past weeks, okay months, have found me grasping for calmer waters. Life has felt once again (still?) very big and full on. Almost too big. There never seemed to be enough time to write, or even to just breathe.  The Hubs has been out of town more than home this year. This is not something I enjoy […]

Thankful Thursday

Here we are at the end of January already. January has flown and tomorrow we will be in a new month, and a new holiday. As I look back on the month I found that for my family it has been a difficult one, perhaps even a bit dark.  Oh, not dark as in depression dark, […]

Finding Sabbath

Finding Sabbath. You wouldn’t think it’d be all that hard to do…yet we struggle to find even a modicum of rest in our busy lives. Between work, children, school, assorted sport(or other) activities, and so the the list goes, we run ourselves ragged trying to have that full, productive life and never stop to think […]


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