Thankful Thursday – 09/05/13

It is another gloriously sunny day here. The sun is out, not a cloud to mar the sky, and there’s just enough breeze to make things comfortable. I decided to take advantage of it on my lunch break and went for a walk around a small lake that is nearby. Oh how it made my […]

Our Story…still unfolding

19 years ago today we stood in a church on a cold rainy day, much like today, and said our vows. Who knew what lay in store for us in the coming years? Would we stand the test of time? We faced the unknown together, holding hands, with smiles and tears. Who knew that when […]

Thankful Thursday

Today I am reminded that I have so much to be thankful for. I spent the morning with my youngest child at an eye specialist due to the hole that was found in her retina a number of months ago. The doctor was so good with her and made me extremely thankful, as he diffused […]

a 3 stranded cord

HE’S HOME!!! Color me a wee bit excited…my hubby is home. In a way I feel little like the small dog in a Kibbles ‘N bits commercial. All wiggly and hyper. He’s only been gone for 10 days, but in some ways it felt like longer. I got home from work yesterday and there he […]


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